August 21, 2011

Orpheus was a beautiful singer and lyre player. When his love, the nymph Eurydice, died, he went to Hades (underworld) to convince Hades (the God of the underworld) to give Eurydice back. Hades couldn't resist the music. He promised Orpheus Eurydice back, but only if he could walk all the way back without looking back once. He managed to get back to the gates of the underworld, but just before going trough, he wanted to make sure she was still following him, and looked back... and she was lost. He tried to go back for her, but this time Cerberus didn't forsake the gate and didn't let him through. Without Eurydice, Orpheus didn't want to go on living The Maenaden, female followers of Dionysos, loved his music and when he didn't play music anymore, they ripped him into pieces. His soul went to the underworld, and he was together with Eurydice again in the afterlive.

August 6, 2011

I'm back

It's good to be back.
Dupa o absenta de prea mult timp mi-am revenit, lumea si-a revenit inapoi la normal (normal pentru mine fiind cu sus-ul in jos) asa ca, prepare for the worst and live everyday like it's your last!

April 9, 2011

Chinese wonderbra

Chinese wonderbra

February 9, 2011

somebody whispered this to me... "I could watch you for a lifetime and from thousand endings I never know what’s coming with you..."

January 11, 2011


Totul a inceput printr-o privire. O viata intreaga s-a oglindit in doi ochi caprui. A urmat cunoasterea..apoi iubirea aflata sub pecetea suferintei. Ne iubeam fara sa stim cand a inceput. Ea apartinea altcuiva... Am facut cunostinta. Mainile noastre s-au unit, privirile ni s-au intersectat, a urmat apoi zambetul... un zambet voit formal, dar care ascundea mii de soapte inghetate de trecerea timpului.

November 10, 2010

Röyksopp 'Only This Moment'

November 3, 2010

Maybe I did it all for you

Ten Myths About Healthy Foods

Over the years, a number of myths have been formed about healthy food which when revealed, are quite shocking.
1. Eating too much fruit will lead to blood sugar problems
If you are eating healthy food, you must be eating some fruits too. Many people believe that since these fruits contain natural sugars, they will instantly have blood sugar problems. They feel that if they eat too much fruit, they will get a sugar rush that will subside soon, leaving them empty. This is not true. Fact is that if your blood sugar is high, it has nothing to do with the fruit.

2. Fruit can lead to Candida
Many people believe that if they eat too many mangoes, bananas or apple, they will get Candida. They self-diagnose themselves and panic to no extent. Fact is that this is not true and if they do not believe it, they should visit a doctor.

3. Carrots will improve your eyesight
Many people who have thick glasses and those who find it difficult to even recognize themselves in the mirror without their contacts start nibbling on carrots day in and day out with the hope that it will improve their eyesight. However, while carrots are definitely good for you as they are healthy, they will not change your eyesight. Therefore, keep those glasses on and stop overdosing on the carrots.

4. Eating too many bananas will lead to an overdose of potassium
While too much of supplemental potassium will definitely cause problems, natural potassium is completely safe. Even though bananas contain about 1,200 mg of this element, you do not need to worry.

5. Fruit can lead to the development of cancerous cells in the body
This myth is completely untrue. In fact, the more fruit you eat, the more you will keep cancer at bay. Therefore, those patients who have cancer should munch on a whole of fruits through the day instead of avoiding it. People believe that since cancer cells expand after feeding on sugar, fruits are dangerous. However, this is simply not true.

6. Frozen fruits and vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh ones
Many people believe that the fruits they purchase from the grocery store are much safer than those that are canned. However, this is not true because who knows how long these fruits and vegetables have been sitting around? Even though fresh fruits may taste better than frozen ones, there is absolutely no difference in their nutrition value. 

7. When choosing between butter and margarine, always go the latter
People try to avoid butter because they feel that by consuming it, they may increase the risks of cholesterol problems. However, what they don’t realize is that margarine is as bad, if not worse because it has double the effect as it contains harmful trans fats.

8. Bananas are fattening
Just because this fruit is sweet, people believe that it is fattening as well. However, one medium-sized banana contains only 105 calories. They are good for your health because they contain healthy doses of fiber, potassium and magnesium which together make the immune system stronger and more powerful.

9. If you cook vegetables, you take away their vitamin content
This is definitely not true as cooking the vegetables will actually help your body absorb the vegetable nutrients. However, if you over boil them, the vegetables will eliminate themselves.

10. Whole grain bread is better than the rest
While this can be true, always be sure to go through the fiber content mentioned behind the packaging to be completely sure.

October 30, 2010

Break your ties to a life of hypocrisy, you've let down everyone who has cared. If wasting every second of you're life is what you think can save you then let that be that. Reaching into the back of my mind, searching for a moment like Heaven, no one ever cared for you. You've let the world to belive you are a fake.

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